517 Frenchman St
New Orleans, LA, 70116

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Lets start with the Tater Tots. They dont fry them so theyre not dripping with grease. (mmmmm, grease..) What they do is blast them in a convection oven so theyre still really crispy on the outside, but not greasy on the inside. Now the tots alone are a great 'pub grub' while downing a couple of beers. You put Tabasco on them and the enjoyment increases. Cheese? Bring it on, even better. But the 'piece de resistance' is the Tater Tachos. Start with the Tater Tots, and add all the wonderful things about Nachos to it. Tots, black beans, salsa, jalapenos, cheese, and more. I love these things! Tachos!


Pretty darn good for 'bar

Pretty darn good for 'bar food'; but they have a regular kitchen and seating.